Masters National Championship 2008
(placed 4th in heavyweight 45+ class,
6th in heavyweight 35+ class)

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Carmen's Biography

Carmen began her career as a personal trainer in Santa Cruz, Ca. 1973 while attending college pursuing a degree in Physical Education. Eventually her experience landed her the head trainer position and she was hired as training director for the chain of gyms known as Spa Fitness Centers in Northern California. Her duties included teaching all employees at 4 facilities throughout Northern California how to evaluate clients and design a customized personal workout program for each individual. She also created some of the first aerobic classes for groups choreographed to music in the late 1970's. While working for the gym she designed classes called "swimnastics" which were formed to provide a low impact water based workout for individuals.

Throughout the 1980's she continued to teach aerobic classes while pursuing her career as a competitive bodybuilder. She has studied under many professional coaches including world renown professional bodybuilder, trainer Charles Glass. Charles was her coach, trainer, and mentor for 15 years (1990-2005.) Here is what he had to say regarding Carmen: "Carmen Brady is one of the most well rounded trainers in the industry. She is a quick learner, open to new techniques and very reliable. With her, you will reach your potential quickly."

Carmen obtained her current certification through the Private Trainers Association March 1st, 2007. She currently holds a CPR certification through the Red Cross of America. While dabbling into the realm of cinema (aka "Starla" in Napoleon Dynamite), television, magazines and music videos, her true passion at the age of 52, is to help each individual achieve their personal best. After 35 years experience in the fitness industry, she offers years of knowledge at your disposal.

Carmen Virginia Brady's Bodybuilding Contest History
1981 Western USA (Tall)3rd
1982 AFWB California (Heavyweight)6th
1982 California Mixed Pairs2nd
1982 Cal Central State (Tall)1st
1983 AFWB Northern Cal (Middleweight)2nd
1985 Superbowl of Bodybuilding2nd
1986 NPC Nationals dnp
1987 NPC Nationals (Middleweight)dnp
1987 Northern Cal (Heavyweight)1st & Overall
1987 Orange County Classic (Heavyweght)1st
1988 Santa Cruz Classic (Heavyweight)1st & Overall
1988 NPC California State (Heavyweight)4th
1988 NPC USA (Heavyweght)5th
1989 Natural National Powerhouse (Heavyweght)1st
1989 NPC USA (Heavyweght)7th
1990 NPC USA (Heavyweght)10th
1991 NPC USA (Heavyweght)5th
1991 NPC Nationals (Heavyweght)dnp
1991 IFBB North American (Heavyweght)7th
1992 NPC Junior USA (Heavyweght)2nd
1992 IFBB North Amercan (Heavyweght)3rd
1993 NPC Junior Nationals (Heavyweght)1st & Overall
1993 NPC Nationals (Heavyweght)6th
1994 NPC Junior Nationals (Heavyweght)1st & Overall
1994 NPC USA (Heavyweght)6th
1994 NPC Nationals (Heavyweght)6th
1995 NPC USA (Heavyweght)7th
1996 NPC USA (Heavyweght)6th
1997 NPC USA (Heavyweght)6th
1998 NPC Masters Nationals (Heavyweght)1st & Overall
1999 NPC USA (Heavyweght)5th
1999 Masters Nationals (Heavyweght)1st & Overall
2000 NPC USA (Heavyweght)14th
2001 NPC Masters Nationals (Heavyweght)1st & Overall
2001 IFBB North American (Heavyweght)3rd
2001 IFBB North American Masters (Heavyweght)1st & Overall
2008 NPC Masters Nationals 35+ (Heavyweight)6th
2008 NPC Masters Nationals 45+ (Heavyweight)4th
2010 NPC Masters Nationals 55+ (Heavyweight)1st & Overall

4 weeks out from Masters, back/arm workout
(taken 6-23-08)